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My New Hero

Eloquent. Honest. Humane. Who knew we still had legislators like this?

Quoting Mad Men

Season 4, Episode 3: “The Good News”

Nobody knows what’s wrong with themselves.  And everyone else can see it right away.

Pushing Past Fear

Rough day today.  But you take solace where you can find it.  Right now it’s some words from Kurt Sutter (showrunner of Sons of Anarchy) sent from my sister.

The bigger question is how does one grow as an artist?  In my opinion, the same way any other human being does, by pushing past fear.  I’m terrified of failure.  I’m terrified of change.  I’m terrified of being unloved.  These are the things that usually kick in my default defenses — isolation, arrogance, denial.  Sometimes I’m neck-deep in them before I realize there’s even a problem.

His entire post here.